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Swath Design

Naval Architect John Kecsmar of Ad Hoc Marine Designs is now working with Aluminium Marine Consultants, he possesses many decades of experience working and designing in shipyards in all things high-speed and novel. From concept to delivery. Proven designers of: high-speed passenger ferries, patrol boats, SAR, CTVs and more.  Each uniquely designed to satisfy any requirement. 

Providing design solutions in;

  •  Creation of a design to a fixed budget, weight and a fixed time scale
  •  Specialising in unique and novel hull forms, particularly high speed craft
  •  Conceptual design, hydrodynamics, structures, weight estimates, powering
  •  Detailed designs from a concept or existing designs


For; Windfarm Boats, Workboats, Crew Boats, Fast Passenger Ferries, Patrol Boats, Paramilitary boats and much more. 


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WFCV 26m Swath
Ad Hoc Marine Design

With an emphasis in key areas notably:

  • Concept design of specialised craft
  • Detailed structure design to Class requirements in Aluminium, Steel and Composite
  • Corrosion adviceSpecialists in Catamaran, SWATH and Low Wash naval architecture
  • Noise and vibration advice
  • Rapid resistance model testing & comparative studies
  • Re-Engining adviceIndependent design reviews
  • Heavy lift arrangements
  • On-site and technical design support
  • Repair and redesign work
  • Safety Case studies


Wind Farm Boats Swath - The Next Generation Read More



The Cape Class Patrol Boat Pedigree

A successful range of vessels is a constant evolution of an existing design from in-service experience coupled with modifications and improvements using advances in technology. Each new design is a step by step improvement over the previous design to ensure the client receives the most advanced possible design available. 


The Fast Ferry of the Future


With many decades of experience in the research and development of high speed hydrodynamics an ultra efficient hull form is used to create a super slim catamaran that requires less power than previous designs for the same speed.



For more information www.adhocmarinedesigns.co.uk


Offshore partnership WFSV at Seawork

The fruit of a ground-breaking WFSV build partnership between Aluminium Marine Consultants (AMC) and Mainprize Offshore Ltd will be on the quayside (berth VB32) at Seawork International this year.

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