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SWATH design collaboration with Adhoc

Naval Architect John Kecsmar of Ad Hoc Marine Designs is now working with Aluminium Marine Consultants (AMC) to offer a plethora of uniquely designed SWATH workboats created to satisfy any requirement.
Mr Kecsmar possesses many decades of experience working and designing in shipyards in all things high-speed and is a proven designer of high-speed passenger ferries, patrol boats, SAR, CTVs and more.
Rob Stewart, commercial director, AMC, said: “For many years John has been conducting research on aluminium, fatigue and welding and now AMC can benefit from his expertise.”
The partnership’s next generation of SWATH windfarm boats are entirely built from aluminium and are light weight, robust and durably constructed to class and MCA regulations.
Their new advanced SWATH hull form is designed with 50% reduced coupling, 20% increased damping and an increase in 25% displacement that is tailormade for the windfarm market. Resulting in the ability to maintain service speeds of 25 knots in 2m significant wave height with extremely low motions.
Mr Stewart said this is beyond any class required speed reduction for conventional vessels.
In addition to windfarm vessels, the SWATH design can also be used for patrol boats and fast ferries. 
Additional research has resulted in an ultra-efficient hull form is used to create a super slim catamaran that requires less power than previous designs for the same speed.
Ad Hoc has also created a true hybrid of the SWATH design form called the Small Waterplane Area Catamaran (SWAC), which is a blend of a very slender hull form of a high speed catamaran with the rough water capability of a SWATH.
Aside from the SWATH hull design form, AMC specialises in the construction of other unique and novel hull forms for high speed craft with a particular emphasis on catamarans and low wash naval architecture. 

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